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Risk Disclosure

This statement, in accordance with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) Regulation 1.55(c), aims to highlight essential aspects of trading in futures, forex, and options.


However, it does not encompass all risks and significant considerations associated with such trading. It's imperative to comprehend the nature of contracts and your exposure to risk before engaging in these transactions. Trading in futures, forex, and options may not be suitable for everyone. Your decision to trade should be carefully weighed against your experience, objectives, financial resources, and relevant circumstances.

Key points to consider include:

There's a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures contracts and foreign currency. You should assess whether such trading aligns with your financial situation.

Your deposited funds with a futures commission merchant are not insured in case of bankruptcy, insolvency, or misappropriation.

Funds deposited with a futures commission merchant are not protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

The futures commission merchant may invest your funds in approved financial instruments, subject to Commission Regulation 1.25.

You may face challenges in liquidating positions under certain market conditions.

All trading positions involve risk, including spread positions.

Leverage in futures and forex trading can amplify both gains and losses.
Before choosing a futures commission merchant, review their disclosed information to make an informed decision.

These risks apply to both domestic and foreign futures and forex trading.
Trading on foreign exchanges may subject you to different regulations and protections compared to domestic transactions.

Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates can impact the profitability of foreign futures or options contracts.

This statement does not cover all risks and aspects of commodity and foreign currency markets.

It's essential to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from your futures commission merchant to understand the risks involved in trading futures, forex, and options fully.

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