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We Revolutionize Seasonal Market Insights

Markets are chaotic and complex systems, yet repeatable trading patterns frequently emerge across all asset classes.

Our vision is to lead in stock market analytics by equipping both retail and institutional traders with AI-powered insights that enhance their decision-making processes.

In achieving this, we are committed to the democratization of investment insights through our analytics platform, Pulse, actively promoting equitable access to sophisticated market analysis.


We Are a Passionate Fintech Start-Up

Deep Alpha Research was founded by a team of former Strategy and Analytics Consultants  with a shared passion for quantitative finance and start up ventures



Our current application pulse is growing at a rapid pace as we add more features and additional asset classes our code base keeps growing!


Lines of Code

The scope of assets is growing constantly. We have a set release cycle and update our platform regularly to offder you more exciting insights into temporal or event driven market events.



Hypothesis based event studies are at the heart of Deep Alpha Research. We are motivated to understand the impact of varied situations on markets and continue to produce new analysis on a weekly basis. 


Event Studies 

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